Friday, December 23, 2011

ayat yg aku rindu..

one day,
8 dec 2011
 when i just arrive home from a long journey in the fog of night.
going home for some sort of practical apply,

5.12 a.m
dragging the bag, from the main road 
to the main door of my own.
silence of the night
make me wonder
how nice 
to be home
when i far away
from them.

6.54 a.m
my dad..
just come back from surau
asking my lovely mum..

'' dah bangun dah anak abah?''

what a beautiful word,
i heard that words
in my sleepy head
keep it tight
 in my tiny little heart

so that ; 
 one day..
i can remember it for the rest of my life
when he go far away..
so that;
i can give a similar words
as nice as it is.
to you dad..
''  i love you abah ''

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