Monday, March 29, 2010

tRiButEs to UsTazaH SaNiaH and UsTAzaH KhAtiJah

This site, I juzt wannA give mY tribute to...jeng..jeng..jeng..


mY respected ustazah Saniah...
She is my syariah teacher whenever im in form 4 and through those 2 years, a lot of knowledge that she have give to us in the term of religions, life, sharing her experience and others..She quite easy to get discuss in what matter subject.. and happy go lucky teacher..

She are kind, have a noble heart, and love to smile..But,.Whenever she's in class, mostly all of my friend and me.. get nervous ..shivering..hehehe...why?? .. bcoz, she like to ask question to student..huhuhhu,.not all my friend can answer it well, you know..hehehe and me also..huhuhuh always don'y get to sit, whenever can't answer question properly..waaa.waa...

There's is something specials bout' my teacher is, she always bring back " ole - ole " for my class...if she go outing somewhere,..have once, she went to Langkawi, and surprisingly, she bring back a bag of chocolate to my class...and also, whenever she come back from umrah, she she bring us , ermm..i dunno what to called .. buah tin?? and also dates..waa best...we love u UstaZah!!!!!

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