Monday, March 29, 2010

trIbutes to SmKA DurAn GuliNg.." MeMoRies 07 "

Boisz n Gurlz...Announcing Da tribution to The Most Excellent High teng teng..

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Durian Guling !!!!!...fewwitt... CAyalahh...AriGatou!!!

Since , a long time ago.. our school have won many type of competitions, in all level, whether in zone, distric , state, and even National level !!!..subhanaAllah.. how amazing of that..if you are wanna see the evidence.. just get into Principal's room and meeting room.. there will be a lot of throphy, certificate of honour and others.. that show us, the outstanding of this school..

And for sure, without cooperation, determination, and hardwork among teachers and students,and also not forget, workers and schoolguard.. these things not gonna be happend..good works u all !!!..I m proud to be DG's student.. as Haji Chik had said before : Together we stand, repels we fall... Waa i still remember it ..huhuhuhu....

GUys, i wanna ask u something,..if you close ur eyes,n think bout' our friends..Don't u see the name of our school ?..don't u see our teachers' face comes one by one??... if yes, i m glad to hear that..i m afraid that, our friends wouldn't remember our teachers,even their face!!!..( org cenggini, bungkus2, tohok laut wat makan ikan jousz lagi bagus!!! )..I write bout' this because, i wanna highlight, that we, as da student, have to, be thankful to our teachers,.regardless they teach us our not..but still we called them teachers right???...So, what's da matters guys??..

so here i wanna invite u all my fellow friends to be thankful to our teachers and try to give your effort, help, or contributions to our beloved school and teachers .. yiiihaaa!!!!!..WakaruNai OtuomAsu...

special tributes to our ex-pricipal's....

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