Monday, March 29, 2010

TriButes to Sensei sAllEh n Sensei RosLi..:)

Here they come, da double sensei-kun...Sensei Salleh and Sensei Rosli...Watekurono!!!!..

Sensei -Salleh's preview..
To me, He is really nice teacher, caring, and quite active in sport too,especially in badminton... Yet, some of da student don't like him as well, and the factor of that , is because he is the dicipline teacher ...whose, look after the student's behavior in the school.. as he had given, that resposibility.. he had done very good and full of order to make student's ethics and behavior going well manner..something that i regret here is, some student that full of diciplined cases, doesn't seems understand, why sensei gives punishment to the problematics student..

Everybody knows that , there is no educator @ teacher @ sensei willing to give punishment to the student without a strong reasons..there must be a reasons to punish someones...that's da condition whenever to give punishment...Unfortunately, these problematics studen doesn't see their fault..instead, they keep hatred and revenged in their deep heart...That's the problems is!!!

Sensei would just fine, as long as student get close to him...and also don't make such foolish dicipline problems..and one more thing I really respect sensei is,.. his characteristic @ preference ( i mean, he can control his feeling well, suitable with place he sit )....the characteristic of sensei is clearly different whenever he's in class and out side the class, sensei get really enjoy, full of humour and tolerance... but, whenever out side the class , he get quite coherent to student...
Sensei is da besttt!!!!!! we love sensei salleh...@_@

Sensei-Rosli's Preview

He had used teaching me Bahasa Melayu whenever i am in form 5..his styles of teaching is too simple for him ( i think).. until my whole classmates get really fun learning from simple , soft and steady..hehehe.. i never seen he is get mad to other student...he also easily get mingles around with students...seems that he really known the psycology of student...GambaTTe sensei!!!...

Everyday, he comes to school, get really smart.. with hair style, tie , and don't forget comb in the back pocket of his pants..hehehe..a nice tidy teacher ever..get responsibility become as a warden in the hostel.. he's doing the job, perfectly..i guess , all student very easy to get any help from him..He is such an understanding warden to me.. Wakaruanai!!! otomoshi...

* sensei - Teacher

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