Monday, March 29, 2010

goods and service taxes??..

Recently, we all get hectic with the new-will-establish taxes by the government, the goods and service taxes...people all get mad and blame the government without any valid reasons for that things,.the most argue from the people is the taxes will burden them all..but, please think twice before you say something..First, let me just state that I am a huge supporter of GST.

Of course, any tax burdens the consumer. You can argue that zakat burdens you too. GST does not burden consumers greater than any other kinds of taxation. 

The government plans to implement GST to replace sales tax and services tax currently being used. The sales and services taxes are at between 5 and 10 percent, whereas GST is proposed at a lower 4%. Small companies are not subject to GST, and essential goods like food are usually exempt as well. Therefore, there is no justification to say that the poor or low income will suffer from GST.

The main motivation for the government to introduce GST is of course to increase government revenue. The higher tax revenue expected from GST, however, does not come from a higher tax rate, but higher compliance (more people paying it). Now, many businesses are not even registered, so they do not pay taxes, losing the government billions in revenue. The way GST is structured encourages businesses to register and report their activities.

A major problem to the government now is that it relies too much on income from petroleum (Petronas) as a source of revenue. We know that we will run out of petroleum soon. On the other hand, people are demanding more and more from the government everyday in the form of subsidies, scholarships etc.

According to experts, implementation of GDP will only lead to a small one time increase in price as we adjust to the new system. That is about the only negative effect. The positive effect is that it gives the government an efficient way of collecting tax. GST taxes consumption, so it does not 'punish' hard work like income taxes. Typically, when GST is introduced, income tax is lowered. 

tRiButEs to UsTazaH SaNiaH and UsTAzaH KhAtiJah

This site, I juzt wannA give mY tribute to...jeng..jeng..jeng..


mY respected ustazah Saniah...
She is my syariah teacher whenever im in form 4 and through those 2 years, a lot of knowledge that she have give to us in the term of religions, life, sharing her experience and others..She quite easy to get discuss in what matter subject.. and happy go lucky teacher..

She are kind, have a noble heart, and love to smile..But,.Whenever she's in class, mostly all of my friend and me.. get nervous ..shivering..hehehe...why?? .. bcoz, she like to ask question to student..huhuhhu,.not all my friend can answer it well, you know..hehehe and me also..huhuhuh always don'y get to sit, whenever can't answer question properly..waaa.waa...

There's is something specials bout' my teacher is, she always bring back " ole - ole " for my class...if she go outing somewhere,..have once, she went to Langkawi, and surprisingly, she bring back a bag of chocolate to my class...and also, whenever she come back from umrah, she she bring us , ermm..i dunno what to called .. buah tin?? and also dates..waa best...we love u UstaZah!!!!!

TriButes to Sensei sAllEh n Sensei RosLi..:)

Here they come, da double sensei-kun...Sensei Salleh and Sensei Rosli...Watekurono!!!!..

Sensei -Salleh's preview..
To me, He is really nice teacher, caring, and quite active in sport too,especially in badminton... Yet, some of da student don't like him as well, and the factor of that , is because he is the dicipline teacher ...whose, look after the student's behavior in the school.. as he had given, that resposibility.. he had done very good and full of order to make student's ethics and behavior going well manner..something that i regret here is, some student that full of diciplined cases, doesn't seems understand, why sensei gives punishment to the problematics student..

Everybody knows that , there is no educator @ teacher @ sensei willing to give punishment to the student without a strong reasons..there must be a reasons to punish someones...that's da condition whenever to give punishment...Unfortunately, these problematics studen doesn't see their fault..instead, they keep hatred and revenged in their deep heart...That's the problems is!!!

Sensei would just fine, as long as student get close to him...and also don't make such foolish dicipline problems..and one more thing I really respect sensei is,.. his characteristic @ preference ( i mean, he can control his feeling well, suitable with place he sit )....the characteristic of sensei is clearly different whenever he's in class and out side the class, sensei get really enjoy, full of humour and tolerance... but, whenever out side the class , he get quite coherent to student...
Sensei is da besttt!!!!!! we love sensei salleh...@_@

Sensei-Rosli's Preview

He had used teaching me Bahasa Melayu whenever i am in form 5..his styles of teaching is too simple for him ( i think).. until my whole classmates get really fun learning from simple , soft and steady..hehehe.. i never seen he is get mad to other student...he also easily get mingles around with students...seems that he really known the psycology of student...GambaTTe sensei!!!...

Everyday, he comes to school, get really smart.. with hair style, tie , and don't forget comb in the back pocket of his pants..hehehe..a nice tidy teacher ever..get responsibility become as a warden in the hostel.. he's doing the job, perfectly..i guess , all student very easy to get any help from him..He is such an understanding warden to me.. Wakaruanai!!! otomoshi...

* sensei - Teacher

trIbutes to SmKA DurAn GuliNg.." MeMoRies 07 "

Boisz n Gurlz...Announcing Da tribution to The Most Excellent High teng teng..

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Durian Guling !!!!!...fewwitt... CAyalahh...AriGatou!!!

Since , a long time ago.. our school have won many type of competitions, in all level, whether in zone, distric , state, and even National level !!!..subhanaAllah.. how amazing of that..if you are wanna see the evidence.. just get into Principal's room and meeting room.. there will be a lot of throphy, certificate of honour and others.. that show us, the outstanding of this school..

And for sure, without cooperation, determination, and hardwork among teachers and students,and also not forget, workers and schoolguard.. these things not gonna be happend..good works u all !!!..I m proud to be DG's student.. as Haji Chik had said before : Together we stand, repels we fall... Waa i still remember it ..huhuhuhu....

GUys, i wanna ask u something,..if you close ur eyes,n think bout' our friends..Don't u see the name of our school ?..don't u see our teachers' face comes one by one??... if yes, i m glad to hear that..i m afraid that, our friends wouldn't remember our teachers,even their face!!!..( org cenggini, bungkus2, tohok laut wat makan ikan jousz lagi bagus!!! )..I write bout' this because, i wanna highlight, that we, as da student, have to, be thankful to our teachers,.regardless they teach us our not..but still we called them teachers right???...So, what's da matters guys??..

so here i wanna invite u all my fellow friends to be thankful to our teachers and try to give your effort, help, or contributions to our beloved school and teachers .. yiiihaaa!!!!!..WakaruNai OtuomAsu...

special tributes to our ex-pricipal's....

hobi baru ku..~

sejak dua menjak ni..aku dah gila yugort!!..yumm yumm yumm..

pagi yogurt, tengah hari yogurt, petang yogurt, malam yogurt
yumm yumm yumm

i go..

So long, fare thee well
The dancer and the dancing days have taken leave and fell
So turn down this bed of stone
Quench me with the deadly nightshade from the rose that you belong

The long December rain is falling now
Running down on streets to nowhere
Music is my life youre my sweetest nightingale
But I cant hear it here no more

And I go
I go

Hush now, dont shake or break
Words have fallen silent like soldiers to the grave
No matter what they do or say
Lay me on the sleepy meadow by the tracks upon your face

Saturday, March 20, 2010

bakal suamiku??

ceee...tu dia, bakal suami mithali..bace quran ag tau..hik2..
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lapar nye..

hari-hari yang berlalu, aku sedih ..aku terseksa, kenapa??..entah..mungkin disebabkan...lapar, x de orang nak teman aku makan..:((

Friday, March 19, 2010

MGT- fish~

"the harder you struggle to catch the fish, the precious and beautiful the fish you get"

i wanna this fish damnly!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

da lame tak pergi kelate..

baru- baru nie, aku sempat pergi ke kelate, sambil tengok kawan aku kawin..huhu..
sambil-sambil 2, on the way ke pengkalan chepa, lepak jap di wakaf che yeh, kota bharu...
aku di wakaf che yeh..

rindu bau kelantan..:)

Monday, March 8, 2010

aku mahu pulang..

aku yang membawa kamu ke " lembah kehinaan ini",
maka aku lah yang bertanggungjawab penuh atas kamu,
atas segala tindak-tanduk, tingkah -laku,
yang berkaitan dengan "lembah kehinaan" ini,
aku yang bertanggungjawab..

aku sudah ingin pulang kepada-NYA,
maka aku bertanggungjawab, menunjukkan kamu,
jalan-jalan ke taman keinsafan..
teduhan-teduhan taubat..
yang dipenuhi dengan warna-warni keimanan..

yang bertanggungjawab mengembalikan dirimu kepada asalmu..
yang bersih..yang dulunya,
tak terpalit debu-debu dosa pada dirimu..

yang bertanggungjawab untuk mengubah dirimu,
kepada kemuliaan,.


dosa-dosa semalam yang tak pernah terpadam,
yang sering menghantui aku,
setiap langkah,
setiap degup jantung,

berat..sangat berat terasa beban dosa yang aku tanggung ni..
dosa sendiri sudah tak tertanggung..di tambah pula dengan dosa kamu,
yang mana..aku yang penyebabnya..

bukan salah kamu..bukan silap kamu..
tapi, aku..
yang pincang dan goyah dalam mengemudi hidup aku sendiri..

maafkan aku..
sebelum aku pulang kepada-NYA..
harapan ku..
kamu sudah beristirehat di dalam taman keinsafan,
dipayungi teduhan2 taubat..

bantulah aku..demi menghadap-NYA..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

final exam CominG..

bila dah nak exam..gini lah keadaannye..kelam-kabut, ribut-kalut, sibuk bradong..duk study..


study lah sgt..
asal duk kat meja study je..
mengantuk datang,,


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

genap 20 tahun..

ari ni da genap aku umur 20 tahun..
da matured kate orang..
da boleh rancang masa depan ngan baik..
da boleh berdikari dengan kaki sendiri..
tapi kan..
aku belum amik kursus tu..
nak kna ambik kursus tu dulu lah..
6pk gaye nye..
kursus ape yer?
tapi nk kna cari calon dulu..
kriteria da ade..
..tapi x jumpe ag kowt..
bila lah nk kawin nieyh..
umur da cukup ni.
. amboi!!
gatai hang naa..