Friday, February 5, 2010

H0t choc0late n the cup~

This is a story from my adore lecturer...about life...

There is a prof that have been retired from his j0b,and live near the country side...yet,he has been teaching a l0t of his student in the past time bef0re...

One day, he got a call from his former students,to pay him a visit.he then welc0me his students.once they came to his h0use, they talk a l0t of things,their career,family,life and n0t to f0rget their pr0blem to the prof. The prof, just lending his ears,n0dded, and kept smiling to hear his student. After a while, the prof ask them '' would you guys want hot choc0late anyway?'' .then they said,it's ok to have that,to warmth theirselves in the cold of the winter..

The prof make it and poured the hot choc0late in different type of cup,.some of the cup,have a beautifull arts on it,and some of them,lo0ks just ordinary cup,.then he served the drink to them..

Then,all the student ch00sed the beautiful cup.left behind the see this,prof ask them, '' why are you guys cho0sed the beautiful cup,n0t the other one?''....'' n0, sir,its just beautifull,everybody attract to beautifullness, we mean,as human being we always attract to the beautifull'' they said..then the prof replied,'' listen to me guy, the chocolate is the life that we want to have f0r, what we want ' taste'...instead of that, the cup is our desire, that never en0ugh and satisfied with what do we, all of that, the all of your life pr0blem,is ab0ut the 'cup'..''

Lets taste the ' chocolate' by using a ordinary 'cup'

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