Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today is rainy day..

It's to0 cold ths m0rnin'..i m get sitting on da chair,with bare f0ot,could feel da warm of sofa..while eyes watching astro hitz channel..raining stil out there..droppin' tip tap..i juz hug myself with cl0thes..felt little bit warm,my fairy tail cat,sleep tightly outside,mybe n0thng need to do xcept sleep..same as its c0ld m0rnin' is heated by rock n r0ll songs in hitz..yeah!!..a go0d way to get myself warm n energetic..turn out the songs loud n clear as m0uth imitates the words..ha3...rain droping tip tap..from the first dr0p until the last,..a rainy day for me..

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