Wednesday, November 11, 2009

my half of day..

Last nite,. Slept too late,until i cn't wake up to make a miss call to my to kn0w that,i must to sleep early n hve a en0ugh rest,.huhu..wake up called at 1.35 p.m..n my azam last night,terburai cmtu jer..huhu:-(..tday pg hntar lapt0q yg rosak..n kna tggu lg 4 week to get it back..farewell my labit0p..haha..n then pg tman umi beli her sk0l stuff for end-year sk0l celebrati0n..back h0me at 5 p.m..x hlang lgpn jet-lagged,da pg jaln2 kt bndar besz...lama dh x pg taman shahbndar,pasar payang,..lots of my mem0ries attached wif tht place.. Some stories of mine,stil could be find along tman shahbndar....hope it be lasting f0rever in my mind..~

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